Reunited and It Feels So Good: TV Guide, TV Guide Network, Reach Cross-Promotion Deal

TV Guide, TV Guide Network and are together again, sort of, following a cross-promotion agreement between OpenGate Capital, which owns the magazine, and Lionsgate, owner of the cable channel and Web site, reports.

The properties were split up in 2008, when previous owner Macrovision put them on the block, but the Web site for TV Guide magazine drew a fraction of the traffic of, according to The magazine will now direct readers to, and the agreement contains other cross-promotion components, but it excludes the ability to sell each other’s ad inventory.

OpenGate Capital senior advisor Jack Kliger told

We will remain separate companies, but basically, we’re doing this so we can do more together than apart, particularly in the area of driving readership, viewership, and visitors to the various platforms.

TV Guide Network and executive vice president for corporate development and strategy Michael Mahan told

It’s a consumer-driven deal. The businesses remain separate and distinct, the editorial teams remain separate and distinct, and the ad-sales teams remain separate and distinct. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.