Reuters Is Creating a Convention Magazine

In print.

Reuters will be distributing a print magazine on the streets of Philadelphia and Cleveland during the conventions next month, bringing up images in our head of kids in pageboy caps singing as they hand out convention mags, Alan Menken‘s Newsies score playing in the background. If only.

The magazine, 66 pages long, is titled The American Voter and will feature a mix of content geared toward both political insiders and the general public. Harold Evans, Reuters’ editor at large, headlines the effort, with work by Jonathan Alter and Ross Barkan, who, you may recall, resigned in April from the New York Observer after the publication endorsed Donald Trump for the Republican nomination.

Another former Observer staffer, Kyle Pope, is the editor of the effort, which began in Sept 2015.

This is not Reuters’ first foray into special-edition print. The organization created a print mag in 2012 for the World Economic Forum in Davos and in 2013 for the Aspen Ideas Festival.

And for those of you who won’t be attending the conventions, you can allay some fomo-related anxiety with the iPad version, which reproduces the entire magazine and adds interactive and video accoutrements.