Reuters Launching YouTube For Traders

These days, as many viewers are turning from television to the Internet, it’s not surprising that more and more sites are entering the web video space. Thomson Reuters is jumping on the web television bandwagon tomorrow with the launch of Reuters Insider, a personalized web video experience targeted specifically to the financial professional niche.

Reuters Insider will carry video streams and content from Reuter’s reporters as well as over 150 partners in the Reuters Insider network. Insider network partners include huge players in the financial field including CNBC, ING, J.P. Morgan, Financial Post, The Economist Intelligence Unit, Nomura, Citi Group, Credit Suisse, Breaking Views and more.

Reuters Insider members will have access to exclusive video content from the most influential leaders in finance including news, analysis, strategies, live interviews, conferences and more. Viewers will be able to easily navigate by date, sector, region or market to find the content that is most relevant for them and to create personalized channels based on their needs. The service will be available to Reuters subscribers only, who pay up to $2,000 per month.

According to David Carr of the New York Times, Reuters understands that getting financial professionals to adapt to a service like Reuters Insider will be a process. Managing editor Mike Stepanovich said, “Not everybody is going to take to this immediately. Some of our partners will be quicker adopters than others.” Reuters Insider is introducing a brand new way for investors and financial experts to get their news and information, and it may take awhile for users to become accustomed to the new resource.

Reuters has seen the future of online video and how it will impact the way people get their news and information. Carr says, “Making such a big bet on video, Reuters is acknowledging that professionally generated text – no matter how relevant, no matter how actionable – just isn’t going to get it done anymore.” People have become more visual. They respond to picture and video much more than text, and Reuters is running with that fact. How do you think the financial sector will respond to the launch of Reuters Insider? Do you think we are seeing the future of the way people will get all of their information on the web?

Update: Last Friday MediaBistro’s Chris Ariens had the opportunity to test drive Reuters Insider. See what he had to say about it on WebNewser.

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