Rewriting Frozen’s Ending

Paging Professor X for this week's top viral video

There’s the perfect movie ending—and then there’s How It Should Have Ended.

The YouTube channel that shows alternate endings for films has tackled another way Frozen could have wrapped. There’s only one school for gifted teens who have super powers, so Ella is packing her bags and heading to Westchester county, N.Y., to be with her mutant brotherhood.

Since being posted on April 14, How Frozen Should Have Ended has been watched almost 10.4 million times. The well-received web series has also tackled Lord of the Rings, Spider-Man 3, and The Avengers.

Also, leading the charts this week is Crazy Russian Hacker’s method of removing your shirt while only moving one arm above your head. Warning: Try this at your own risk of bodily and/or clothing harm.

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