Richard Deitsch Canvasses a Dozen Student Editors

Sports Illustrated Q&A covers wide range of topics.

Part 1 was posted Sunday. Part 2 followed today.


Collectively, Richard Deitsch’s extensive virtual roundtable discussion with a dozen sports editors at university and collegiate publications across the country is fascinating. When he posed the question, ‘What has been the toughest story you worked on, and why?’, he received this answer from Malika Andrews, EIC and formerly sports editor of University of Portland (Ore.) newspaper The Beacon:

“The toughest story I have worked on, which came out last week, concerned a female student who reported being sexually assaulted by another student on campus. She sent out an email to family and friends saying she believed the university’s student conduct board failed her when it concluded that her alleged assailant was “not responsible” for his role in the incident. While reporting the story, I discovered that the university’s public safety department did not include the incident in the crime log, which was a violation of federal law under the Clery Act.”

“This story had numerous twists and turns, and it produced a major response from other media organizations and from students on campus, including a protest and rally. I’m proud of our reporting because it was thorough and it put a very complicated situation into context while raising major questions about the university’s processes.”

Coincidentally, for this question, one of the other compelling answers was given by Kenny Jacoby, senior editor of The Daily Emerald at the University of Oregon. His recollection involves working on a story about a series of unreported incidents involving Ducks football team tight end Pharaoh Brown.

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