Richard Gorman Shares Secrets on Building an Ecommerce Business

Richard Gorman, who is notable for his robust knowledge and experience on successful online sales and marketing, elaborates on some simple and easy to practice techniques on how to build a successful ecommerce business. Rich is an unbeaten entrepreneur, a seasoned direct response marketing pioneer and blogger with a history of helping enthusiastic entrepreneurs build their businesses from zero to a highly profitable status.

Here, he educates on some methods that have worked for him and can work for just about anyone. Therefore, if you desire to start your Ecommerce business from the comfort of your home with less stress, then read and practice the techniques stated below.


1. Choose Your Products

The first thing to do if you want to build an Ecommerce business is to choose your products; preferably ‘a product without ceiling’ as advocated by Richard Gorman. Yes it is true that anybody can sell anything online, but it is advisable to get involved in the sales of products that you have a proper grip on. You can start with few products and then expand your product line as you master the act of internet marketing.


2. Make Your Website Less Complicated

The guru himself – Richard Gorman advises that in creating a website which is the major platform for an Ecommerce business, you must aim at making it simple and easy to navigate. Make sure that at the first glance at your site, a visitor is able to navigate easily, as well as also know how to purchase products from your site with ease. He preaches against the use of full-site navigation but rather the use of links, sidebar, footer, etc.

If you must generate traffic that in turn leads to high sales, you must ensure to reduce possible interruptions to the barest minimum. Center on the products on display and let the purchase of these products be easy and a click away. Here is what he says; “a landing page isn’t the same thing as your corporate websites ‘products’ page; your landing page should be created to get users to do one specific task.”

The absolute truth is that if you must make sales and continue to enjoy repeated business, you must pay serious attention to making your website user-friendly.


3. Leverage on Social Media

The trend today when it comes to networking and advertising has shifted from the conventional electronic media to the internet- social media. Richard Gorman who has been adjudged a guru in this regard states that, “Brands need to know their audience, and they need to think critically about which social networks really benefit them, before they set specific quotas for daily or weekly updates.” This underscores the fact that knowing which social media tools to major on and the ones to minor on is highly essential for the success of your Ecommerce business.

The advent of social media tools has drastically reduced the budget for marketing and advertising of most ecommerce business owners, but until you know how to make use of this tool called Social Media, you can hardly maximize its use.


4. Richard Gorman Says Be Creative and Aggressive With E-Mail Marketing

It is one thing to be engaged in the use of email as a marketing tool for your ecommerce business, and it is another kettle of fish to know how not to become a nuisance to your recipients, or list. This is exactly what Gorman teaches. According to him, the key to effective email marketing, most especially when email frequency is concerned is that you must learn to customize your email to each intended recipient. Be sure to also make it brief and concise.

He supports the use of ‘strong call to actions’ when drafting the email meant for your targeted client. Your mail should not just be geared towards introducing what you are selling to your potential clients, but also to prompt and guide them towards taking the necessary action towards purchasing your products. The trick that can easily drive your email recipients to take action is simply emphasizing on the call to action. This can be done by increasing the font and making it bold and in italics. You can also highlight key words by the use of colors like red and yellow.


5. Offer Greater Value beyond What You Are Selling

The reason why most businesses remain on a static level can be traced to the fact that they aren’t offering value beyond what they are selling. If you must become a successful Ecommerce business owner, your must learn the act of offering greater value beyond what your prospective client expects. When you present yourself as an expert on the products you are offering, it will give you competitive advantage in the market place.

Richard Gorman states that the easiest means of achieving this is by leveraging on blogging and providing professional advice in the areas associated with the products you sell. Be willing to help people solve their problems for free by guiding them appropriately and by making yourself easily accessible to those with questions that relates to your industry.

This post will be of no use to you if you don’t take action. People who have tested these techniques have seen a tremendous change. With Richard Gorman’s tips stated above, you can easily set-up and successfully run your ecommerce business. Know what your business is about first and implementation will be easy.

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