MSNBC Analyst Richard Wolffe Says He’s ‘Indebted’ to Rush Limbaugh Over Colonoscopy Remark

MSNBC Commentator and author Richard Wolffe is oddly grateful for right wing radio host Rush Limbaugh’s colonoscopy slur that has Wolffe’s head lodged in an orifice of President Obama.

The comment came on the heels of Wolffe saying that opposition to Obama giving a jobs speech before Congress on Sept. 7 was racially tinged. Limbaugh ripped Wolffe a new one, saying on his radio program this week that if Obama ever has the above procedure “they’re going to find Richard Wolffe’s head there.”  Watch here.

When asked for comment on Limbaugh’s off-color remarks late Friday, Wolffe told FishbowlDC, “I’m deeply indebted to Mr. Limbaugh for proving my point about the connection between racism, disrespect for the President, and in his bizarre brain, homophobia. He first insisted that the Speaker reject the President’s speech in order to ‘put this guy in his place.’ Then he took an unusual interest in the President’s rear end.

“I can only assume he feels the same way about President Bush‘s anatomy. The only thing that surprises me about Limbaugh’s bigotry is the fact that so many supposedly respectable conservatives take their cues from him. Or worse, find him funny.”

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