Rick Sanchez: Back From the Twitter Void

Twitter world, he’s back. Well, his Twitter account is accessible again, anyway.

CNN’s Rick Sanchez (actually, his producer) posted this tweet around 12:30 p.m. on @ricksanchezcnn, which has been out of commission since at least Wednesday afternoon:

*frp* Spread the word, Rick’s account is back in action. Sorry for the problems yesterday. Little mix-up. We’re good now.

And then this one three minutes later:

*frp* No hacking. Just a precaution on Twitter’s part. We appreciate their caution even though in this case it turned out to be nothing.

That’s an intriguing tweet. What sort of skullduggery was afoot? WebNewser will try to find out and let you know.

Update: A CNN spokesperson explains it all to WebNewser:

We use a dummy e-mail account for all social media accounts to avoid our actual work e-mail addresses from being spammed, hacked, etc. Twitter noticed that the e-mail address listed on Rick’s account was not an “@cnn.com” or “@turner.com” and took the precaution of suspending the account until they could figure out why that might be the case. Since Rick’s account has been hacked once, I assume they were concerned it had been again. No big deal. Inconvenient, but if the account had been hacked, we would have appreciated it.

And another Twitter crisis averted. Let’s just hope this never happens with Ashton’s account. I’m not sure the Twitterverse could handle it.

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