Rick Springfield, Before ‘Jessie’s Girl’

Some tuneful work by Lowell Sun contributor Ed Hannan.

One of our favorite things to do here at FishbowlNY is highlight a great piece of local newspaper reporting. Throughout 2016, we shined a light on some memorable USA Today Network investigations, some true-crime storytelling and more.

Today’s deserving article was contributed to Massachusetts newspaper the Lowell Sun by Ed Hannan. The brilliance of Hannan’s piece, which was anchored to a Dec. 17 local concert appearance by Rick Springfield, is that he focuses on the early portion of the singer’s career:

What kept Springfield busy for the bulk of the 1970s is something that probably wouldn’t happen today. His follow-up studio albums to his 1972 debut Beginnings — 1973’s Comic Book Heroes and 1976’s Wait for Night — didn’t make an impact here in the U.S. These days, he’d probably have been dropped from his record label.

But that didn’t happen to Springfield in his native Australia or here in the U.S. and there’s a reason for it. His status as a teen heartthrob (though he was in his early 20s at this point) put him on the cover of magazines like Circus Magazine and he starred in a Saturday morning animated series called Mission: Magic!

That kept him busy for a few years before he picked up a series of guest-starring roles on primetime television series such as The Six Million Dollar Man, The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries, The Rockford Files and The Eddie Capra Mysteries in the late 1970s.

This is how you do a celebrity phone interview, folks. Hannan clearly did some research beforehand and went into the conversation with the idea of highlighting Springfield’s early acting days. It is how the singer-songwriter paid the bills until “Jessie’s Girl” was forever immortalized in 1982.

Sadly, in the time in-between Hannan’s feature and our writing of this post, Springfield’s mother passed away in Australia. RIP.

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