Angry Moms Give Kraft Some Free Publicity

When not exaggerating its own membership, claiming responsibility for the cancellation of The New Normal (it was a bad show, guys), or failing to recognize Twitter‘s 140-character limit, the non-profit outrage organization One Million Moms searches pop culture high and low for the latest and greatest threats to its members’ conservative Christian sensibilities.

In the past, these easily offended mother hens wagged their fingers at everyone from the Boy Scouts to The Cleveland Show and Dancing with the Stars. While we share the group’s distaste for any show featuring Tucker Carlson AND Kate Gosselin, we have to laugh about their latest pet cause—condemning this “disgusting” ad for Kraft salad dressing. Shame on those heathens, et cetera et cetera.

One question: do they not realize that they just gave this brand free publicity?

We never would have seen the ad were it not for the group’s blog post, whose author amusingly can’t write certain words without throwing an asterisk in the mix to help the message bypass group members’ pesky email filters:

A full 2-page ad features a n*ked man lying on a picnic blanket with only a small portion of the blanket barely covering his g*nitals…It is unnecessary for Kraft to use s*x to sell salad dressing!

Yeah, OK. We’re frankly more upset by the fact that the “Zesty” campaign is suspiciously similar to Old Spice‘s classic “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.

Nice Photoshop job on those “g*nitals,” though.

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.
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