RIM Acquired Tungle.me Social Calendar Service. No Word on iPhone/Android Apps Future

RIM, the maker of BlackBerry phones and the calender-less PlayBook tablet, bought Tungle.Me.

RIM Acquires Tungle (Tungle.me announcement)

Tungle.me is a social calenader service that works with Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple iCal, Lotus Notes, Facebook and other calendering systems. It lets your availability without sharing details about your schedule. One of its interesting features is the ability to propose multiple time slots for requested meetings. Another feature that looks very interesting is auto-adjustment for scheduling with people in multiple time zones.

I have not seen a dollar figure associated with the acquisition. There also has not been any statement regarding how this acquisition affects future development of the existing free Android and iPhone apps.

Via TechCrunch: RIM Acquires Social Calendaring Application Tungle.Me