RIM CEO Bails on an Interview

From the What was he thinking department…

Mike Lazaridis, the co-chief executive of Research In Motion (RIM),maker of the Blackberry, called off an interview with BBC Click – while it was being taped. This isn’t an eBook story, exactly, but it is very funny. Plus RIM also makes the Blackberry Playbook tablet, which is close enough.

Mr. Lazaridis was asked the normal interview questions (new gadgets, current company status, etc), and then the interviewer started asking about RIM’s possible security problems in India and the Middle East. For those who don’t know, RIM has been under pressure from several countries (including India, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia) to break the encryption of its network so those countries can spy on their citizens.

You’ll have to click the link to watch the clip, but it’s worth it. Mr. Lazaridis’ response is priceless.

via BBC