RIM Exec Loses It, Shuts Down BBC Interview

Faced with a question from BBC reporter Rory Cellan-Jones about Blackberry security issues in India, Research in Motion president and co-CEO Mike Lazaridis made like a dropped call and shut down the conversation, pointing to the camera and telling the person behind it to turn it off. You can watch the exec get rankled here.

Did he think he’d make it through the interview without answering questions about a recent controversy? Even if he did, was he not instructed to be prepared? Did we learn nothing from Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s girlfriend Sandra Lee? Prep your execs!

Honestly, if he’d answered calmly, the interview would likely not be making rounds all over the world right now. And Lazaridis could’ve explained why there’s no need to worry about Blackberry security, which might be making its way through the news cycle instead. Missed opportunity. As an FYI, the Financial Post breaks down the security question that caused the ruckus.

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