RIM Talking to Hulu About PlayBook Support. Workaround Available in the Meantime

Hulu is an Flash-powered streaming video service that doesn’t seem to like mobile devices much. Apple’s iOS devices (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad) are the only mobile devices you can watch Hulu on if you subscribe to the $7.99 per month Hulu Plus service. Hulu has long blocked its service on Android phones (although they say they will officially provide Hulu Plus for Android soon) and is blocking RIM’s new PlayBook tablet.

Business Insider says that RIM is talking to Hulu about providing streaming video for their PlayBook, however.

The PlayBook Might Get Access To Hulu After All

If you just can’t wait for this Hulu Plus to be officially supported on your PlayBook, Pocketables’ Arthur Bartlett describes his success in using a workaround to watch Hulu on a PlayBook now.

BlackBerry Playbook plays Amazon Instant Video and Hulu on the big screen

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