Ringo Starr’s Very Brooklyn Halloween

Among those in the crowd for the Oct. 31 performance: Elmore magazine publisher Suzanne Cadgène.

RingoStarrKingsTheatreIt’s been a good year for Ringo Starr.

Ahead of his 75th birthday in July, the former Beatle was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. And this past weekend, on Halloween night, Starr played Brooklyn for the first time, wrapping up a fall North American tour.

Elmore magazine publisher Suzanne Cadgène was at the show, which was held at the refurbished Kings Theater and featured Steve Van Zandt and Max Weinberg joining Starr and co. for a pair of songs. Her Nov. 2 summary does what any review of a particularly good show should; it makes you wish you had been there:

At one point, Starr wandered back and forth on the apron, and finally admitted to the audience that he’d forgotten what the next song was. “Look at the floor!” (where most bands tape their set list) someone in the front row told him. Starr leaned out over the stage and goodnaturedly sneered, “That’ right, I’m in front of a bunch of New York City smartasses!”

Ha ha. Ahead of the Oct. 31 performance, Starr told The New York Times he had no idea he had not previously performed in Brooklyn. Van Zandt was also at the Strand bookstore to interview Starr for radio when the latter stopped by there to promote his book Photograph.
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