RIP: Retired Radio Personality ‘Dandy’ Dan Daniel

One-time WMCA-AM "Good Guy" was 82.

Today’s edition of The Chris Daniel Show on Fresno, Calif. radio station KMJ 580 AM was very different from the norm. During the 2-to-6 p.m. PT program, the host engineer Philip Teresi conveyed memories of the host’s father, Dan Daniel, who passed away suddenly this morning at age 82.

From a report tonight by CBS New York:

Daniel, the self-described “world’s most adequate swinging disc jockey,” spent decades on New York radio stations beginning with WMCA in 1961. His smooth voice was loved by many.

Over the years, Daniel made the rounds on several local stations, including WHN, WYNY and most recently WCBS-FM.

He was known for mixing songs and segues with the smoothest banter on the radio.

Daniel was one of WMCA’s so-called “Good Guys” in the 1960s, along with Joe O’Brien, Harry Harrison, Jack Spector, B. Mitchel Reed, Johnny Dark and others. Guided by program director Ruth Meyer, the station and its personalities popularized the concept of a Top 40 format.

Decades later, when “Dandy” Dan handed off his on-air morning duties in 2002 to successor Ron Taylor, it was done, as always, with class. Listen to a portion of that Dec. 31, 2002 broadcast here.

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