RIP: A Dedicated Connecticut Newspaper Reporter

Debra Estock was 61.

In the wake of Debra Estock’s death last week at age 61, the paper she worked for during most of her career, the Fairfield Citizen, put together a well-constructed obituary.

The essence of local reporting has often been distilled to a journalist’s ability to parse the minutiae of municipal government meetings. It is through that prism that Cindy Simoneau paints in the article a great picture:

Simoneau, former assistant managing editor of the Connecticut Post, recalled years of working side-by-side with Estock as competitors covering the town of Fairfield.

“Debbie and I often sat through lengthy Town Plan and Zoning and political meetings assessing which officials had the interests of the town in mind, rather than their own self-interests. It was always funny when we would see through the shenanigans of some government leaders at the same time over some issue or comment. The next time we would see each other, we would often remark: ‘I told you so.’ ”

Estock served from 2000 to 2009 as chairwoman of the scholarship committee at the Connecticut chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. She was also at one time secretary of the organization, where Simoneau was a president. The Connecticut SPJ will offer a scholarship next year in honor of Estock, who lived in Fairfield her entire life.

More recently, Estock worked for New England Condominium and was subsequently managing editor of The Cooperator New York, which covers matters related to condominiums and coops. RIP.

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