Until the Very End, This Wine Columnist Was Mindful of Deadlines

Long-time Napa Valley Register writer George Starke dies at the age of 93.

GeorgeStarkeColumnBannerIn April, Napa Valley Register wine columnist George Starke mourned the loss of local industry pioneer Joseph Phelps. Today, it is sadly the turn of the paper to bid a fond farewell to Starke.

From the obituary by David Stoneberg:

Sasha Paulsen, entertainment, food, wine and art editor for the Napa Valley Register, wrote: ‘My last message from him was only a few weeks ago, worrying about being late for a deadline. He was a true gentleman journalist, a rare but wonderful combination. It’s going to be hard to imagine our wine coverage without George’s wit and charm and wisdom.’

Starke was born in Milwaukee on March 27, 1922, and attended the University of Wisconsin at Madison. He also spent a year at Dartmouth College in the U.S. Navy V-12 program and graduated from midshipmen’s school in Plattsburg, New York. He was a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy during World War II, first on a submarine chaser, searching for German submarines along the East Coast. He was later transferred to the Philippines, then to Japan for Naval Intelligence when the war ended.

Starke, who died Saturday at age 93, had been writing for the paper since 1965. RIP.

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