6 Creative Ways to Use Instagram Multiple Photos and Videos

Opinion: Multiple photos and videos uploaded on Instagram can be a great fit for every industry

Do you want to use Instagram at its maximum capacity? Have you considered the new feature launched by Instagram—adding multiple photos or videos?

To make your work easier, here are six ways to include this new feature in your Instagram strategy so that you can engage more with your audience and create a linear visual story about your brand at the same time.

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Visual storytelling

You don’t have to post a lot about your product. Now, with multiple photos and videos, you can use an album on Instagram to showcase your product. See this example in which Subway used this feature to tell its audience about its foot-long sandwich.

Now that you can get a different footlong for just $6 each day, every day is Mmm day.

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You can take a photo of the product and then crop it in different parts, or you can use tools like Adobe Spark, Bannersnack or Stencil.

Pro tip: Tell a story in your everyday posts. Don’t just post random photos. Subway used the day of the week to tell its audience that they can buy a different sandwich every day, from Monday through Sunday.

Ask your followers for their opinions

Let’s say you have a party at your company and you want to celebrate it with your Instagram audience, too. Adding multiple photos and videos can bring them behind the scenes.

For example, MTV added multiple photos from the Academy Awards, but unlike other publications, it asked its followers for their favorite couples on the red carpet.

So much love at the #Oscars ? Who was your favorite couple on the red carpet?

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Pro tip: Use a strong call to action in your post’s description and ask your followers to comment about their favorite photos and videos in the album

Create a 360-degree album

There has been a lot of talk about 360-degree content, from video to photos. Even though this feature from Instagram does not create a single 360-degree photo or video, that does not mean you can’t use it that way.

For example, Audi asked its followers to take a 360-degree look into its car, using multiple photos that give a visual experience to users tapping right or left on the photos. Now you can say that you know what the Audi Q3 interior looks like.

Take it for a spin. #AudiQ3

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Pro tip: Use multiple photos to give a visual experience inside your company or your product. You can use them as a carousel ad to showcase the entire product/service in different parts of the photo or visual.

Show your team

People love to know about the people behind your brand, because that is where they find the real stories—about the designer who wakes up early in the morning to create a great user experience on your website, or about the customer-support people who solve their problems.

Iconosquare used the multiple photos option on Instagram to present its user experience and user interface designer.

Hey everyone! This is Jessica our amazing #uxui #designer here at Iconosquare! ✨ . Swipe for more! . A real #photoaddict, Jess is usually the one taking the photos of the team! ? . I asked her these questions so you could get to know her a bit better! . 1. Describe yourself in one word. Imaginative. . 2. What do you love most about your job? Thinking up an idea and designing it as a team… And also having a drink and a good time all together! ?? . 3. If you could have any superpower what would it be? I’d have the same power as Mystique in X-Men, and be able to change appearance at will! . Leave Jess a comment to say hi! ?? #Iconosquare #meettheteam #instagrammarketing #socialanalytics #smm #helloworld #swipeleft

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Pro tip: Show your audience the people behind your product in different moments of their day. You can create a daily journey about colleagues and then showcase them on Instagram by uploading multiple photos about them.

How your product works

When Instagram launched this new feature, I had already seen a great opportunity in it for software-as-a-service brands, as they can easily show how their product works and how people can use it.

For example, Bannersnack uploaded six photos to show how easy you can design a visual with its platform in only four steps: Create an account, design the visual, download or embed and measure the visual.

We are the original dedicated banner design tool since 2008. Trusted by over 3,000,000 people. Join them now!

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Pro tip: Show a step-by-step guide on how to use your product or service. You can share up to 10 photos or videos in just one album. It’s a great way to showcase your newest feature.

Share your favorite memories

Instagram is not only about the “now moment.” I believe you can publish old content that can show an interesting moment from your past, or a memory from your brand.

Mama’s Sauce is a print shop that used #tbt to show the process post of the 2/0 screen print poster.

Pro tip: You can combine the old photos or videos in which you share a favorite moment from your brand’s history, just like Mama’s Sauce did by publishing its #tbt moment.


Multiple photos and videos uploaded on Instagram can be a great fit for every industry. You just have to be courageous and creative enough to take advantage of this feature.

Robert Katai is a visual marketer and brand evangelist for online banner creator Bannersnack.