Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty Threatened By High Oil Prices

Okay, we’re all upset about our dependence on foreign oil, but that’s really no reason to go drilling into the artworks located within our own borders, is it? Someone in Utah wants to dig for black gold in the Great Salt Lake and apparently the Robert Smithson land art piece Spiral Jetty is just too irresistible a target (drill…right…here!). Tyler Green posts a plea from Smithson’s widow, Nancy Holt, describing the situation:

Yesterday I received an urgent email from Lynn DeFreitas, Director of Friends of the Great Salt Lake, telling me of plans for drilling oil in the Salt Lake near Spiral Jetty…
I have been told by Lynn that the oil wells will not be above the water, but that means some kind of industrial complex of pipes and pumps beneath the water and on the shore. The operation would require roads for oil tank trucks, cranes, pumps etc. which produce noise and will severely alter the wild, natural place.

Action to prevent this must be taken by 7pm EST today by calling or emailing Jonathan Jemming at 801-537-9023 or jjemming AT Refer to Application #8853, or just title your email GET THE HELL AWAY FROM MY SPIRAL JETTY YOU OIL-GRUBBING BASTARDS!

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