A New Player in the Natalie Wood Death Investigation: CCIRI

Sheryl McCollum is on the case.

If you’ve never heard of the Cold Case Investigative Research Institute (CCIRI), a good place to start is this March 2015 interview conducted by website The Line-Up with founder Sheryl McCollum. The law enforcement vet explains how her large network of forensic experts and student volunteers operates, and touches on some of the cases she has worked on since 2005.

At the beginning of this year, CCIRI turned its attention to the re-opened investigation into the 1981 death of actress Natalie Wood. That effort has this week been reported by RadarOnline, who reveal that two new witnesses have been located and interviewed by CCIRI with regards to the overnight events of Nov. 28-29, 1981:

[Captain Dennis] Davern showed [2012] investigators [in Hawaii] his vantage point on the yacht’s bridge, and detailed how he witnessed Natalie’s screaming match with Wagner on the rear deck — moments before she “disappeared.” …

The two new witnesses “confirm Davern’s eyewitness account” of events on the tragic trip, claimed author Marti Rulli.

Radar is incorrect when it states that CCIRI has turned over its findings to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. FishbowlNY confirmed this has not happened, yet. When it does, it seems bound to continue moving the re-opened case forward. As part of the investigation, CCIRI also spoke with Davern.

CCIRI previously worked on the Natalee Holloway case. Radar has a few details on some of CCIRI’s other findings.

Pictured: Los Angeles Times Nov. 30, 1981 article headline

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