RoboCop game shooting to iOS prior to movie’s release

The RoboCop remake hits theaters in February, but before the part-man, part-robot crime fighter can duke it out with villains on the silver screen, MGM and Glu Mobile are teaming to bring the character to iOS in a third-person action shoot ‘em up scheduled to hit the App Store in January.

The game plays almost like Time Crisis, where you’re behind cover until you tap the screen to shoot, bringing RoboCop out from behind the cover to blast away at the bad guys and enemy robots. The more you shoot, the more you realize that the cover isn’t permanent, however, either for you or the bad guys, as you can blow holes through their hiding spaces, forcing them to run out into the open where they become easier targets. And in true RoboCop fashion, bullets are flying everywhere as you experiment with different weapons to find the best way to defeat the various levels.

“I was a huge RoboCop fan growing up, so I was very excited to work on a RoboCop game,” says Daniel Tyrrell, the game’s senior producer. “We think this has a lot more mass appeal than some of our other shooters, so we want to make it fun and refreshing for somebody who has been playing these games, but at the same time add in some controls that also make it easier for casual players. So basically, we came up with a system that allows a player to play with just one hand.”

Utilizing an auto-fire system, when you point your weapon at an enemy, the gun will automatically shoot whenever he is in your sights.

“In the movie itself, RoboCop goes through a series of simulation training, where he trains against the EM-208, which is his nemesis,” says Tyrrell. “In the opinion of the negative people in the movie, the EM-208 is a better protector, because since RoboCop is part human, that makes him prone to making mistakes.

“So we set the game inside the simulation training, and that gives us more freedom to do some things RoboCop fans would want to see, especially since in the movie, RoboCop only uses his Taser and a machine gun. Since we are in the simulation, we were allowed to add experimental weapons to provide some variety and strategy.”

As you play through the missions, you can also use RoboCop’s scanning abilities to find enemy weak spots. You’ll even be able to scan informants in the game, and upon scanning, they will surrender to you without conflict, giving you bonus points.

“We wanted to make sure RoboCop has some cool abilities, so we also  gave him focus mode,” adds Tyrrell. “With focus mode, you can lock onto different enemies at one time, then use an ultra-precise shot to take them all out. There are also a lot of explosions you can trigger by shooting cars and different things like that in order to blow up a bunch of bad guys at once. You’ll find destructible cover throughout the game.”

In addition, there are enemy robots from both the original movie, as well as the remake, along with some robots that are OmniCorp designed, but didn’t make it into either film for whatever reason.

“As you go along, you upgrade your suit until you get to RoboCop’s 3.0 suit, which is more powerful, gives you more health, and better focus mode skills,” says Tyrrell. “We also have a variety of weapons, from mini-guns to plasma guns to shotguns.”

And you’ll need to pick your guns wisely before each mission, as sometimes its best to have a shotgun to clear a crowd, while other times, you’ll need to be more precise and take down a bad guy with more of a sniper-like shot. In terms of mission types, RoboCop offers a good variety, including onslaught, where enemies rush toward you and it’s up to you (and your steel) to take out as many deadly robots and guys with guns as you can. Other missions involve hostages where you’ll need to neutralize all enemies and rescue their captors. Survival mode has also been added where you’re basically just trying to stay alive long enough to last through the mission.

“You can even call in drone strikes to take out enemies, almost like a smart bomb,” says Tyrrell. “We really wanted to stay within the mythology of RoboCop, and your nemesis in the game really wants RoboCop to fail, so with each simulation, he’s trying to make it harder and harder for you, so you’ll pretty much need every weapon you can get your hands on. It’s going to be a tough battle.”

I don’t think RoboCop would want it any other way.

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