Rock it With Blue: New Survey Reveals Best Color to Wear During Job Interview

Preparing for your next job interview and not sure what to wear? We mean, of course you’ll wear a suit, but not sure what color to wear?

A new CareerBuilder survey makes the connection between colors and employers’ impressions of them. Over 2,000 hiring managers and human resources professionals from a variety of industries and company sizes were surveyed during the latter part of summer.

They were asked to advise job applicants on the best color to wear to a job interview. Their numero uno choice? Blue. Next on their list was black (15 percent) and if you’re looking to get on the worst list, avoid orange at all costs. Apparently it’s associated with someone who is unprofessional.

Their impression of blue was associated with being a team player compared to black which was connected to being a leader. Their other favorite colors included white (organizational skills), gray (logic/analytical skills), brown (dependability) and red (power, why of course!).

If you’re looking to rock the creative kasbah, you may opt to wear green, yellow, orange or purple since they’re associated with being creative.

Their overall advice? You can never go wrong with navy, black, gray and brown. Sure, it may feel somewhat boring but it also shows you’re polished and professional. And hey, you can always jazz up neutral colors with a splash of vibrancy through a blouse or tie.

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