RockYou's My Casino Puts You In Charge Of All The Gambling Fun

It seems like every possible empire building game that can be made is being made on Facebook, and RockYou’s My Casino is the latest in the trend. The game gives you the power to build your own casino from ground up – complete with slots, poker and craps. The game fits in nicely with RockYou’s current arsenal and is steadily growing from its current user base of 660K MAUs.

The goal of My Casino is to build and expand your casino, filling it with a variety of Casino-related games like Blackjack and Slot Machines and to compete with your friends. The game mechanics are similar to other games, where users purchase objects (games in this case) and place them on their virtual space, coming back to collect money earned from the games overtime. NPCs (non player characters) come into the casino and engage in games which is essentially how one earns. Players can also upgrade their machines, increasing their max earning capacity.

An interesting twist to the game is the addition of a slots mini game where players can place bets. There is a restriction, however, of playing slots only 10 times a day. Theres some interesting social features as well where players can go play at their friends casinos that allows their friends to earn money as well as send their friends gifts and helping with trash issues through clicking a button.

My Casino is an interesting spin on a look very much like Cafe World’s. The game play looks very zoomed in, however, and a lack of scintillation detracts from the casino-like feeling of awe. My Casino is created using a 2.5D isometric engine which creates a 3D feel, just like almost all the new flash games you see now. It’s not surprising that a lot of games look similar – which could be due to developers not willing to risk untested looks or a lack of documentation on the framework. Overall the game is appealing and the theme makes sense for a social game. Game maker DNA Games’ also announced their casino title a while back called Casino City although My Casino has been around longer. Will the casino theme prove to be lucrative enough for Zynga to venture into it? Eric Eldon’s research unveiled 21 Trademarks Zynga received in December of 2009, two of which are the names Casino World and Casino Blitz. Watch out!

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