Roger Ailes Defends RFK’s Son

FNC President Roger Ailes is fiercely coming to the defense of one of his reporters, Douglas Kennedy, in the most personal of ways. Kennedy, the 10th child of Robert and Ethel, is facing charges for trying to take his newborn son from a maternity ward at a hospital in New York. After getting into an alleged altercation with nurses, Kennedy was prevented from leaving the hospital by security personnel. The incident occurred on Jan. 7. He was arrested on Thursday.

Ailes released this statement this afternoon through SKDKnickerbocker, the firm handling media relations for Kennedy.

“I have known Douglas Kennedy, his wife and his family professionally and personally for over 15 years. He tells the truth and his calm and gentle demeanor always impressed me. He is the definition of a great father and it is  a role he cherishes over all others. I support Douglas as do the independent  eyewitness accounts of the event. It is unfortunate that what appears to be a father’s defensive maneuver to protect his newborn baby has been twisted because of his famous name. In my view, the real moral of this story should be don’t try to grab a baby from the arms of a loving father.”

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