What’s Roland Tweeting?

TV One’s Roland Martin tweets A LOT. He’s approaching his 100,000th tweet. Sure, he’s gotten in trouble for his tweets in the past, but that hasn’t stopped him from churning out tweets that range from thoughtful to insane.

On Tuesday morning, Roland took Twitter to church. It was a soulful Roland, who went on an epic series of religious messages. He started out by tweeting his morning bible study.

Praise the lord and pass the iPhone! Roland was on a roll. He wrote several notes praising Baby Jesus. He even said that it’s impacting his work life. For instance: “I’ve felt it among co-workers, even church members! I’m often asked why I can smile in the midst of hateful folks. Because God’s got this!” Martin, a CNN contributor, might want to consider referring to Jeff Zucker, his new boss, as “God,” because if anyone controls his fate, it’s him.

Dropkick me Jesus and bring me more Roland tweets! As the Lord would have it, the TV host and pundit went right on tweeting. Maybe he should hire God as his agent?

So how much of a cut does God take off of a new contract? After over a dozen tweets praising Him, Roland wrapped it up by addressing doubters. He tweeted, “If God ain’t your thing, that’s on u. I do believe & will use my platforms to be a living witness. I’m never afraid to praise Jesus! Be bold.”

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