Roland Martin’s Hilarious Funeral Weekend

Rolling with Roland Martin always sounds like a ball even during bleak times like his grandmother’s funeral. This weekend, the “Washington Watch” host and CNN Analyst flew from Washington to Houston for his grandmother’s funeral. He appeared to “LOL” his way through the weekend with a little help from family, family drama and Twitter pals. Roland had quite a role this weekend as the one who was to keep everyone else well-behaved. He called this “Team Whipdatass.”

Before we continue, our sincere condolences to Roland on the loss of his grandmother.

And he’s off. “At National Airport in DC. I say to woman checking tickets, “How are you doing?” She says, “Delicious.” I’m like, that ain’t a greeting! LOL”

In Houston. “Gorgeous day in Houston. Perfect to celebrate the life of a sunny saint, my grandmother, Emelda Lemond, 90. So many family members here.”

Who was Emelda? “She was the maternal leader of a HUGE family: 8 kids, 42 grandkids, 30-plus great grandkids, and some great great! I’m saddened by one thing: the funeral is not at Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church.” He later adds, “My grandmother would smack me. She had 8 kids; 42 grandkids; 69 great grandkids; 15 great-great grandkids. I can’t keep up! LOL”

Damn church rules: “I was raised there. Meeting to found it took place in my grandparents living room. But they don’t let non-Catholics speak. BS church rule!” [sic]

The funeral. “So thanks to St. Philip Neri Catholic Church for hosting the funeral. And thank all of you for the prayers. I appreciate it! My family appointed me the sargeant at arms of the funeral. If anyone gets out of line, I’m to deal w/them. #teamwhipdatass in effect here.” Later he adds, “So I’m one of two speakers during the funeral. If y’all hear folks cracking up laughing wherever you are, that means I’m speaking! LOL”

Drama…”Y’all think I’m joking! You KNOW in large families there is always funeral drama. I got in last night & was told of my role. I cracked up.”

Roland opens up. “See, i have my grandfather’s spirit. He took NO mess. I know my grandmother & her husband in heaven saying, ‘Handle ’em, Roland!’ LOL”

A quick note to his fans. “Y’all stop trippin. Funeral hasn’t started. So I’m not tweeting during it. This is the pre-game. grandmother was a HUGE football fan. LOL”

Roland gets by with a little help from his friends…“So what is your craziest family funeral drama story? I know y’all have some good ones! OMG. I just read y’all’s hilarious funeral stories. I’m reading ALL of them to my family at my brother’s house. These are too funny!” he tweets while eating a meal of brisket. Our hands down favorite note of support came from JT Jackson, a Houston life coach/inspiration speaker, who wrote to Roland and said: “Just had an @rolandsmartin moment in airport. Mature woman just told her husband I will never fly with your A__ again! She repeated Never!”