Roll Call’s Emily Heil Gets a Food Truck Intervention

Some people get their interventions from Dr. Drew. Roll Call feature writer Emily Heil got hers elsewhere. Suffice it to say, she had tired of boring lunches on Capitol Hill. So she decided to try something different: For one week, all her lunches would be from food trucks and she’d spend no more than $10 per meal.

Day 1: She tries the Badass Empanada – chicken, blue cheese, fiery hot sauce. Dessert: Cookie sandwich. Lemony and coconut goodness.

Day 2: Cheddar on sourdough from the grilled cheese specialist. Tomato soup that was “wretched.”

Day 3: Pulled pork sandwich.

Day 4: Hot dog and chips.

Day 5: She opts for the Laos (otherwise known as “lousy”) cuisine.

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