Rolling Stone Puts Archive Online in Push for Subscriptions

As Rolling Stone readies a redesign of its Web site for Monday, it’s offering readers the chance to peruse its four decades’ worth of archives — for a fee — as it ramps up efforts to derive more subscription revenue on the Web.

The Associated Press reports:

A one-month pass will cost $3.95 and annual access is $29.99. Online subscribers will automatically get a print subscription, which normally costs $19.95 a year. But print subscribers don’t automatically get Web access.

The magazine has never put a full issue online except to tease an article here and there. On the new site, readers can flip through, search and zoom in on a complete replica of the print edition.

The same goes for every issue since the magazine launched in 1967. If you’re willing to pay, you can peruse a big grid with thumbnail views of every cover.

Most of the home page will remain free, says the AP. Readers will be able to easily access gossip, slide shows and tour dates, without paying anything. The free segment of the site will also feature a new look, with more photos to look at.

(h/t The Observer)

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