Romeo And Juliet Is Played Out On Twitter

Romeo and Juliet is probably one of the most well known plays of all time, and now U.K. production company is pushing the boundaries by acting out the entire play via Twitter. Such Tweet Sorrow involves six characters who will be acting out the story of Romeo and Juliet over Twitter over a five week period. There is also a “tweeting balcony” which has been installed at the Shakespeare’s Head pub on Carnaby Street in London.

While the website has gone down at some point in the past few hours, the Such Tweet Sorrow Twitter account is still actively publishing tweets promoting the play. The interesting part about this play is that the actors are making a modern day Romeo and Juliet using YouTube, Tumblr, Twitpic, and other technologies not available during the time of Shakespeare.

The narrative is loosely based on the original play, and each character has their own Twitter accounts. Below is a YouTube video of Juliet recording a tour of her own bedroom (although the video title says it’s of Capulet’s bedroom). Here are the Twitter accounts of the various actors:

I’m not quite sure where Romeo’s account is but I’m sure we’ll find out soon. After checking out the various accounts, it’s pretty clear that the actors are attempting to be as modern as possible. While there are only a few hundred people following each account, it will be interesting to see how this story plays out. It’s definitely a creative take on the play if nothing else.

Rather than watching all the accounts over the next week, it would be great to see the entire play summarized via a single youtube video following the event.

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