Ron Bonjean’s Secret Holiday Party Guest

Want to know who will be the secret guest at the holiday party of Communications Consultant Ron Bonjean and his wife, Sara, this weekend?


You don’t get to know yet. But for Bonjean’s closest cadre of friends, he’s offering up this Hillstreet Blues video that offers options of an entire cast of characters. Thanks a lot Ron! Word on the street, however, is that the person is “huge.” As those who attended the packed, boozy soirée last year, the star guest (aside from a drunken bunny rabbit and elf) was actor Gary Busey — and for all who attended, especially the ladies, it was a bra strap snapping good time. Busey’s eyes lingered at women’s chest level for so long that women began warning one another about it in the guest line to meet him.

The year before that… the man of the hour was “Saved by the Bell’s” Mr. Belding (a.k.a. Dennis Hoskins in real life), a graying, mild-mannered partygoer who politely mingled with Washington insiders.

We can hardly wait. Ron promises another hint before the weekend.

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