Roof Collapses at Emily Dickinson’s Home/Museum

While the MoMA‘s new tower might now be going up, everything else seems to be falling apart. Daniel Libeskind‘s Denver Art Museum is finally getting fixed for leaks and Populous‘ less than a year old Yankee Stadium is starting to crack (as was its team last night — sorry, this writer couldn’t resist). Now just to the north, in Amherst, Massachusetts, another bit of architectural calamity. Homestead, the house Emily Dickinson liked to be reclusive in, suffered a blow this week when part of its ceiling collapsed. The house is part of the larger Emily Dickinson Museum, which has since closed in order to evaluate the damage and see what can be done to get it fixed. Here’s a bit:

The ceiling that fell is not original to the house, [executive director Jane H. Ward] explained — the plaster was laid over wire mesh, not lath — and was probably installed in the 1960s, when the house was privately owned. For once, an overflowing tub was not to blame. “It appears that the plaster just detached itself from the wall,” Ms. Ward said, “but we won’t really know the extent of the damage until the inspection is completed.”