Rovio Launches Angry Birds Blast on Mobile

The puzzle game challenges users to save the Angry Birds, who have been trapped inside balloons.

Rovio announced the release of Angry Birds Blast on iOS and Android. Developed in collaboration with MYBO, the puzzle game challenges users to save the Angry Birds, who have been trapped inside balloons.

Each level in Angry Birds Blast challenges users to complete a different objective before running out of moves. For instance, one level may ask users to pop a required number of balloons of a specific color, while another stage may ask players to remove pigs from the board by popping balloons next to them. There are more than 270 levels available at launch, and more will be added going forward.

In each level, players can pop balloons by tapping on groups of two or more touching balloons of the same color. As users clear groups of five or more balloons, they’ll create special power-up symbols on the board. For example, when players remove groups of five or six balloons, they will create special rocket power-ups. Each rocket can clear an entire row or column of balloons from the board.

In addition, players can purchase and activate special boosters before and during stages. For instance, one booster may allow players to start a level with a power-up symbol already on the board. Users will receive some boosters for free, and they can purchase additional boosters with coins. Players receive coins as they complete levels, and they can earn extra coins by completing quests within the game. Players can also purchase coins with premium currency.

In a statement, Heini Kaihu, vice president of games at Rovio, commented:

As the Angry Birds franchise enters its seventh year, Angry Birds Blast is a milestone in Rovio’s history that looks back at all that came before and, at the same time, gives fans something completely new, unique and fun. Blast has already enjoyed a very promising soft launch in select territories, and I can’t wait for the rest of the world to join in the fun.

Angry Birds Blast is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.