Rovio Launches Love Rocks Starring Shakira on iOS, Android

The level-based puzzle game challenges players to drop objects onto the board to link matching colors and symbols.

Angry Birds developer Rovio has announced the launch of Love Rocks, a new mobile puzzle game created in partnership with musician Shakira. Love Rocks asks players to drop symbols and gems onto boards to create lines of two or more touching symbols or gems of the same shape or color.

In each stage of Love Rocks, players are challenged to complete tasks in a limited number of ‘turns,’ with each turn asking players to drop multiple gems onto the board. Each board contains a selection of existing gems or symbols, and players drop additional items in such a way as to link gems or symbols of the same color or shape to create the longest lines possible, with longer lines being worth more points. Once each set of items has been added to the board, the turn ends, any linked items are removed and players are awarded points for these links.

Love Rocks Screenshots

Some stages ask players to earn a large number of points, while others challenge gamers to unlock treasure chests by creating links next to them, as examples.

As players progress, symbols and gems are combined, allowing gamers to make multiple links with the same tile. For instance, a green crown gem would be eligible for matches with any other green gem, as well as crown symbols, regardless of their color. If players need help completing tricky stages, special Firestones can be used as ‘wild’ symbols, which link to everything they touch. Players can purchase additional Firestones with premium currency.

Gamers earn up to three gems (think stars) on each stage, depending on their score. Players can connect to Facebook to compare their scores with their friends’.

Shakira commented in a statement:

Love Rocks has been an exceptional project to be involved in from the start, and working with Rovio has been such an eye-opening and fun experience. Not only did I get to see behind the scenes on how games I love to play are built, I actually participated and they were very open to letting me brainstorm with them and help make decisions, so the end product is a true collaboration.

Love Rocks is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.