Rovio Launches Nibblers Match-Three Puzzle Game on Mobile

Nibblers challenges players to help fish collect fruit while defeating evil lizards.

Angry Birds creator Rovio Entertainment has released its newest title, a match-three puzzle game called Nibblers. The game stars a fish named Coral and her underwater friends, who have left the water to explore dry land and collect fruit.

In each level of Nibblers, players swap the locations of two touching fruit symbols to create matches of three or more identical symbols in a line. Each level has a different goal, with many asking players to defeat the lizards who live on the land. To be specific, players can defeat lizards by making two matches next to them (the first stuns, the second defeats). If players take too long to make the second match, the lizard can recover from its stunned state, and players must try again.

Gamers are challenged to complete additional level goals as they progress, like ones requiring them to clear mud tiles by making matches on top of them, as an example. In addition to standard levels, players will also be challenged to complete boss levels by making multiple matches next to the boss creature while playing.

Nibblers 2

Gamers can spawn Coral and her friends as power-ups on the board by making matches with four or five symbols, matches in special T or L shapes or clearing a large number of symbols in a single move. As an example, players can launch Coral in a chosen direction to clear all of the symbols or obstacles (like bushes or sand blocks) in a single column or row, while the Bitelings will clear one column and one row simultaneously, and so on.

As players progress, they run into stronger lizards, which are immune to traditional matches, and must be cleared using Coral and her friends. To make levels easier, players also have access to separate power-ups, which can be manually triggered while playing. A crab, for instance, can be used to eliminate one lizard instantly. Players receive a few of each power-up for free, and can purchase additional power-ups with premium currency.

Each level has a move limit, and if players can’t complete a stage before running out of moves, they lose a life. These lives recharge automatically over time, or can be shared with friends via Facebook integration.

Gamers earn up to three stars on each stage, depending on their high score, and can compare their scores with their friends’ scores on each level’s leaderboard.

In a statement, Heini Kaihu, head of studio at Rovio, commented:

We’re thrilled to bring a completely new IP to the mobile gaming scene. Nibblers may be newly evolved creatures, but fans of our other games will recognize the Rovio touches—strong characters, beautiful visuals, and a lush soundtrack recorded with live orchestra and soloists. This will be a game you want to return to again and again.

Nibblers is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.