Royal Wedding Overload!

CNN might not be sending 400 reporters to cover the royal wedding but media definitely are not skimping on royal wedding coverage, the LAT reports.

BBC America will air a 51 1/2 hour, commercial free wedding special. Katie Couric will be there, as will NBC’s Brian Williams and ABC’s Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyer. Anderson Cooper will be covering it.

Starting Monday, Al Roker will be hosting his show from London.

Aren’t there other news events going on in the world?

“The world is looking for unifying events, happy occasions where we can celebrate together,” Perry Simon, general manager of BBC Worldwide America, told the LAT. “These opportunities don’t come along very often.”

This despite polls showing that 65 percent of Americans don’t care about the royal wedding.

“If 35% of Americans tune in, that’s still a pretty darn substantial event,” an NBC news exec told the LAT. NBC will have more than a dozen staff in London next week.

The LAT even reached a couple of Anglophile Americans who had been contestants on a BBC America show called “Royally Mad.” One, Rich Lorich, a flight attendant, said: “People who don’t care about this wedding are just bitter and hateful and jaded.”

Oh really.

By the way, the final staff count for CNN: 125.

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