Royal Wedding Stamp Design Breaks Up Royal Marriage

This writer has largely been trying to ignore all the hubbub surrounding the latest royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton because it really isn’t very interesting (there, we said it and it’s been posted and can’t be undone — unless a lot of people complain in the comments, in which case, it will be undone by tacking on “…isn’t very interesting, solely to this writer and this writer alone.”) However, we are willing to pay attention when a story pops up that’s a) design-related and b) funny. Such has happened with the news of the release of a new stamp in New Zealand, celebrating the upcoming wedding. There the couple are, lovingly side by side, with a strange, glowing bouquet floating next to them at chest level. Where it has gotten the New Zealand Post in trouble is that they decided to split the image into two stamps. Just need one stamp? You’ll have to tear the image in half, thereby breaking up this marriage made in royal, gilded heaven. Worse still, they’ve made William’s stamp worth more than Middleton’s. In terms of wonderful design mistakes, this is of a classic mold, and we love it. Here’s a great quote from Hugh Jefferies, editor of the Gibbons Stamp Monthly, speaking to the Telegraph:

This kind of thing has happened in the past. When Charles and Diana got married, the Australian Royal stamp had the couple facing away from each other, which caused much criticism.

In most countries Buckingham Palace will have to approve the design. Perhaps they were shown it without the perforation down the middle.

When something like this happens the critics love it and the post office responsible can’t stand it. It’s also unusual that the two stamps are worth different values.

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