How Big Is The #RoyalWedding For Twitter? [STATS]

Well, their special day is finally upon us.

Yesterday we shared a fun story about how Twitter is preparing for the inevitably massive influx of tweets that will spread around the network due to today’s Royal Wedding between Prince William and Catherine Middleton. In the story, Twitter shared an amusing picture of co-founder Biz Stone installing just one extra server to handle the load, just a third of what they normally reserve for Justin Bieber.

Now, new stats sent from realtime search engine Topsy and web analysts Webtrends reveal that that might not be enough.

As you would imagine, the Royal Wedding is already trending strongly on Twitter itself. Trends globally, in the States and the UK are remarkably similar. #RoyalWedding is even a promoted topic in each, from ice cream maker Magnum. How delightfully tacky.

Topsy have been tracking mentions of the Royal Wedding actively and have unveiled some impressive stats. In just one hour alone yesterday, there were over 8,000 mentions of the royal wedding. Within the past week, there have been nearly 390,000.

One of the most highly-shared items this week has been the T-Mobile Royal Wedding Dance.

Data from Webtrends suggests the impact of the wedding on Twitter, and all of social media, has surpassed even that of the Japanese earthquake and uprising in Egypt.

Webtrends says that 911,000 Royal Wedding tweets – some 30,000 per day – have been sent in the past month, and while Twitter rules the roost this buzz is extending into Facebook and the bloggersphere, too.

As you can see from the infographic, Twitter accounts for some 71 per cent of all Royal Wedding-related buzz.

The US make up 65 per cent of all Royal Wedding chatter – three times that of the UK.

(Having recently visited NYC and been privy to several editions of Good Morning America, I can confirm that 65% is, in fact, a low estimate.)

Will you be watching the Royal Wedding? What do you think of these stats – can Twitter handle the load, or are we guaranteed to see some appearances from the Fail Whale today? Hit the comments to let us know!