RPGs Battle It Out On This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Games

This week’s list of emerging games — those still under 1 million monthly active users — is filled with new titles that we haven’t explored yet. Leading the pack this week is TrainCity, a game we’ve talked about quite a bit on Inside Social Games. We reviewed this LIFO Interactive city builder in January, and noted that it looked great and was well-designed but might not end up being a successful game due to the city theme being a crowded space. According to AppData, (our metrics platform for tracking the top Facebook games) TrainCity has grown by 66% this week up to just under 800,000 MAU. It’s possible that TrainCity will end up doing well despite its genre being one of stiff competition.

Top Gainers This Week – Games

Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. TrainCity 796,878 +317,492 +66%
2. Flutter 463,363 +181,493 +64%
3. Deep Realms 445,943 +169,432 +61%
4. Social Empires 997,380 +140,498 +16%
5. Treasure Land 666,385 +118,360 +22%
6. แฮปปี้เบบี้ 416,324 +112,589 +37%
7. Boss Vegas 299,732 +108,349 +57%
8. King.com 690,359 +101,045 +17%
9. Monster Hero 199,952 +93,387 +88%
10. CROWDPARK – Betting Game 311,408 +80,620 +35%
11. Miner Speed 667,958 +64,309 +11%
12. 雄霸三國 155,271 +61,839 +66%
13. Home Fest 128,008 +59,681 +87%
14. Dragon Age Legends 800,634 +56,239 +8%
15. Sanalika 347,294 +46,161 +15%
16. Smeet 385,506 +44,221 +13%
17. Punch Punch Revolution 226,789 +39,993 +21%
18. Mucit Köy 179,283 +39,858 +29%
19. Sacred Seasons 2 MMORPG 193,548 +37,714 +24%
20. Treasure Madness – Maya Gems 758,964 +32,165 +4%

It has been quite some time since we’ve been able to talk about a Playdom game on our weekly leaderboards, but this week Deep Realms is giving us the opportunity. We took a close look at this classic RPG-meets-Facebook last month when it first launched. We felt that it was a very interesting foray into the world of RPG style games that are so popular on other platforms, but that an addition of more story elements would take the game to a new level. Deep Realms’ early metrics look interesting — though it is on a steady incline in terms of MAU, its daily active users are fluctuating more than what is usual for new games. It has also already fallen down to under 14% DAU as a percentage of MAU, which is a good early indication that its retention is lacking. This could be because Playdom are using a lot of internal cross-promotion efforts and the demographic of most of their other games is not congruent with the more core gameplay of Deep Realms. It will be interesting to watch this game as it attempts to bring fresh innovation to Facebook.

Monster Hero is a pet-battling RPG that works as a nice comparison to Deep Realms. In this equally-as-stylized core game for a more mixed gender audience, the battles are determined by an Angry Birds-style minigame as opposed to the turn-based combat in Deep Realms. Monster Hero launched in February, just a month before Playdom’s RPG and is growing at around 50% of the pace (but retaining players slightly better). Of course, new developer Phoenix Age is lacking in the existing userbase to utilize for early traffic, and it’s also lacking Playdom’s budget. Yet Monster Hero is an equally appealing game, with a cute art style, some interesting minigame mechanics, and a similar content-heavy map requirement.

The data in this post comes via AppData, our data service tracking growth and trends across the Facebook platform.

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