RTCA’s 4 Awards Go to 2 Orgs: ABC News and BBC News

John Kasich delivers the keynote.

The Radio and Television Correspondents’ Association held its 72nd annual dinner Wednesday night at the Marriott Marquis in Washington, D.C., giving out four awards that went to just two organizations, ABC News and BBC News. ABC News took home three of those awards, leading keynote speaker John Kasich to begin his speech with, “You know I want to tell you, it is so great to be at the ABC Awards show tonight. So much for fair and balanced.”

A relaxed Kasich continued with some topical humor, “By the way, I have picked up the angst here about press credentials. You know, you mention that work and everybody gets upset. You know in my campaign, we paid people to take press credentials so somebody would show up every once in a while. What we couldn’t figure out is how to get you to show up and then put something on the air.”

As for the award winners:

ABC News chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl got the Joan S. Barone Award, which the RTCA describes as “recogniz[ing] excellence in Washington-based Congressional or political reporting.”

ABC News senior operations producer Peter Doherty received the Jerry Thompson Award, for photojournalism production “focusing on the qualities of selflessness, mentorship and commitment to quality.”

Dennis Dunlavey received the Career Achievement Award, which arrives in the same year Dunlavey retired from ABC News after four decades as a reporter and editor with the organization.

It was the BBC News that stopped ABC News from getting a clean sweep, with BBC international correspondent Ian Pannell and cameraman Darren Conway picking up the David Bloom Award, which honors investigative, enterprise or feature reporting, for their coverage of the drug wars in Columbia from within the country.

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