Rumor: Apple Tablet Due in Q1 2010 with 10.6-inch Display? I Think That is Too Big & Bulky

DigiTimes, which has become a primary tech leak site it seems, says…

Foxconn said to be tapped to make Apple tablet PC, shipments expected to begin in 1Q10

The one specific piece of information in the report bothers me though. DigiTimes reports that the Apple tablet will have a 10.6-inch display. That is just too big and bulky. Not, too heavy, mind you. But, it is too big to throw into, let’s say, a typical gadget bag or purse. And, this is important if the Apple tablet is supposed to be something expected to go everywhere without special considerartion.

The Kindle DX (with its 9.7-inch display) and typical netbooks (10.1-inch displays) are in the same category: Too big to take “everywhere” without thinking/planning. I’d prefer a device with a 7 or 8-inch display. This would be large enough to see easily, probably have a large enough touch keyboard (though I still dislike virtual keyboards) but still small enough to throw in a gadget bag and head out the door.

DigiTimes quotes “sources” as saying this tablet will be more of an ebook reader than an music device. I don’t think it makes sense for Apple to compete with Amazon’s Kindle though.

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