Rupert Murdoch Tweets Just Like The Rest of Us

As we’re sure you’ve heard, Rupert Murdoch joined Twitter over the weekend (his wife’s account is fake). Murdoch didn’t waste any time and jumped right into the fray; tweeting away. And just like the rest of us, his Twitter feed is full of inane commentary that probably doesn’t deserve to be broadcasted to the masses.

Let’s start with Murdoch publicly proclaiming his love for a movie that has been killed by pretty much every critic alive:

Who hasn’t tweeted their thoughts about a movie before? Somehow we all think we’re Roger Ebert, but none of us are.

Murdoch has also already given us the all-important weather tweet:

That’s just fantastic.

The media mogul then decided to toss his hat into the political realm, and told the world that he supports a candidate who once said that liberals were to blame for Catholic priests sexually-abusing little boys:

Tweeting political beliefs is another classic. We all have strong feelings about politics, and even if our views are a tad bit scary, we must let everyone know about them.

At this point Murdoch was on a roll. But sadly, all good things must come to an end. Here is Murdoch’s latest tweet: