Russell Brand Offers to Sneak 5 Fans in to Premier of “Arthur” – And Does It!

A few hours before the premier of his latest movie “Arthur”, comedian Russell Brand tweeted an offer to sneak five “well dressed revellers” into the star-studded event with him. And at least one of his Twitter fans took a chance that he was serious – and got in.

Having a back-and-forth on Twitter with a celebrity you admire is one thing, but actually following up on what they say and meeting them that same night is something else altogether.

Russell Brand (@rustyrockets) spent a little time before Tuesday night’s premier of his new movie “Arthur” connecting with his Twitter followers. Shortly before the big event, he tweeting the following:

“Going to the cinema to see #arthur. It’s the premiere. I can smuggle 5 people in- if dressed appropriately. See you at the premiere.”

Lots of fans spoke up, many lamenting that if only they weren’t in their PJs already they’d be more than willing to go. One fan tweeted that she would wear “perfect red lipstick and my heart on my sleeve,” and Russell dug it – he told her to show him the tweet upon arrival and she would be “smuggled” into the premier.

After tweeting to others who received a similar message from Brand, @VocalLizzy went for it. She showed up, showed the tweet, and attended the premier.

She even has a twitpic to prove it:

Despite the blur, it’s pretty clear that that is VocalLizzy with Russell Brand, taken the night of the premier.

We browsed the Twitter accounts of the other four who got the golden Twitter ticket from Brand, and it looks like one more (@katie_siff) might’ve made it, but she doesn’t have any pictures to show. However, three other fans who got the thumbs up from Brand each tweeted their disbelief that he was actually serious, and it seems ended up missing out on an extremely memorable event!

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