Russia’s First Smartphone is a Dual Screen LCD and eInk Reader in One

It’s been months since we’ve heard from the developers of Yotaphonea dual screen smartphone concept with LCD and eInk display in the rear. Finally, the world’s first dual screen phone is hitting the mobile phone market in Russia for 500 Euros.

It’s a refreshing idea – the Yotaphone’s always on, rear eInk display is perfect for reading and browsing when you want to reserve battery or if you’re outside on a sunny day. The always on rear screen lets see notifications like text and email alerts without unlocking your device. Since there are screens on both sides, you can create custom messages like ‘say cheese’ when taking a photo of friends.

Yotaphone already has contracts with the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal so you’re not just limited to books and Facebook statuses. Since Yotaphone is a fairly new, there are few apps made specifically for the double screen duty. It’s expected to hit the global market next year, potentially with the second generation of double screens and plenty of apps. Until then, UK users can pre-order on the phone’s website.