Ryan Beckwith Named Roll Call Features Editor

Ryan Beckwith has been named the new Features Editor. The slot became vacant last month when former section editor Debbie Bruno (whom we affectionately called Bebbie Druno) departed.

We trust that we will come up with an equally creative nickname for Beckwith, but these things take time.

Congratulations to the new editor. We hear he has big, “Congress-focused” plans for the section and we wish him well with it.

See Editor Scott Montgomery’s memo…

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Ryan Teague Beckwith is the new Features Editor of Roll Call.

Just a few weeks ago, I asked Ryan to fill in temporarily while I launched a search for a new Features Editor. In that short time, and while I spoke with many other candidates, Ryan has led our young features team to produce some of my favorite Around The Hill pages. The story ideas are crisp and Congress-focused, and the execution is lively.

In his two years with CQ Roll Call, Ryan, a former political reporter/blogger of some note in North Carolina, turned our shapeless ideas for Congress.org into a clear editorial identity that has delivered very well on the expectations of its audience. He has been innovative with stories and remarkably successful in developing audience loyalty for Congress.org in the digital world.

That’s just what I want for Around the Hill and Heard on the Hill.

For the foreseeable future, Ryan will continue managing Congress.org as he takes firmer control of our features coverage.

Please join me in congratulating Ryan in his new role.

Scott Montgomery

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