Inquiring WEHOville Minds Want to Know: Is WeHo News Going Out of Business?

Thanks to a brief but complicated pre-launch history linking Henry Scott’s to Ryan Gierach’s WeHo News, the gloves are always quick to come off whenever these two outlets get tangled up in the same story. The latest example involves an April 1 Gierach exclusive, WEHOville’s quick response and a subsequent WeHo News April 2-3 rebuttal.

The WeHo News articles pertain to some serious business: a West Hollywood city councilman’s alleged misuse of a credit card and Gierach’s accusations that he has been libeled by his cross-town competitor. But there’s also a more light-hearted side-note element that we had to share.

According to Gierach, Scott twice emailed him (in December 2012 and March 2013) to ask whether rumors of WeHo News’ demise were true and offer, generously (?), to cover this developing story. From the 4/2-3 WeHo News item:

Scott has sent WeHo News emails that stated “Rumor going around… that you are no longer publishing. True? If so, care to comment? We’d be happy to do a story…”

This despite the fact that 1) we published extensively on the two days prior to the latest [email] on March 28, 2) he apparently watches our publication closely enough to respond within a few hours to stories we publish, as he did in this case and 3) he has also, as recently as 3/10/13, responded to articles we republished but did not place on our pages for public purview, this indicating that he uses an RSS feed to watch what we do.

Gierach supports his claim with screen grabs of the referenced emails. In the absence of Mike Fleming and Jeff Sneider‘s once spectacular though more one-sided rivalry, Gierach-Scott currently stands as the most colorful mano-a-mano journalist back-and-forth in town. At least that we know of.

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