S.E. Cupp Sandwiched Between Joy & Jerry Show

The former Daily Caller columnist, conservative pundit and GlennBeck.com’s  S.E. Cupp got her dose of liberal hazing and talk show mania on Wednesday night when she appeared on HLN’s “The Joy Behar Show” alongside Jerry Springer. The issue up for discussion was Planned Parenthood. Joy took the liberal stance. Springer, of course, is well-versed on the subject of pregnancy with baby daddies being among his show’s staples. We’ve all learned that some get kicked to the curb by angry girlfriends; others are roughed up by Springer show bouncers. Cupp was outnumbered in her belief that the organization should not be federally funded since it does, in part, aid women in getting abortions.

We wondered what it was like for her to hang out with Joy and Jerry.

“Joy and Jerry are both terribly misguided, bless their little liberal bleeding hearts,” Cupp told FishbowlDC. “But we all had fun — no chairs were thrown, and no one needed Steve Wilkos to come in and crack skulls. In the green room Jerry showed me pictures of Bella, a pig he rescued from slaughter, and I told him how delicious it looked. All told, it was a good night.”

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