Sacred Seasons 2 MMORPG – a Re-telling of the Tale

Sacred Seasons 2 is a massively multiplayer role playing game with a multi-class system that, despite the name, is not a sequel but a re-telling of the original story. Created by Emerald City Games and previously self-published on Facebook, Sacred Seasons 2 more than quadrupled its monthly average users from about 27,000 to 193,500 when they partnered with Facebook game publisher 6waves. Sacred Seasons was what Derek Day, CEO of Emerald City Games called their “first kick at the can” as they had never made a flash game or MMO before. Sacred Seasons 2 was to be an improved replacement of the original Sacred Seasons which enjoyed a peak of over 16,000 MAU according to AppData, our data tracking service. A small but loyal fan base (1,500 MAU and about 4% DAU/MAU) persuaded Emerald City Games to continue supporting it, although in a limited manner, through small content updates.

In Sacred Seasons 2, players choose between the usual close combat, ranged combat and magic wielding classes of a fantasy MMO with an added twist; the flavors that the seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter bring, each with a custom look. This gives the game an engaging multi-class system where players can switch between classes and seasons, leveling each separately. This system is not uncommon in console games such as Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Tactics and most recently in Trion World’s MMO, Rift.

Sacred Seasons 2 is a full-featured MMORPG, with storyline driven quests, synchronous multiplayer gameplay, and formation of guilds, global as well as local chat, and a large community that congregate on the official forums. Global chat is available on the Facebook page itself while local chat is done in-game via a chat bar. Sacred Seasons2 also provides leader boards for top individual experience gainers as well as guilds and friends have the ability to send each other gifts of cosmetic items at this time. Like other free-to-play MMOs, it monetizes through the purchase of in-game gold which can be used to buy consumables such as XP potions, weapons and cosmetic items. At an exchange of 1,000 gold for 100 Facebook credits, or about a penny to a gold, items range from 4 gold potions to the popular 150 gold hairstyles, to 1,500 gold level 150 weapons.

All Sacred Seasons 2 players are served on the same server, which is to say, despite the different portals from which the game can be accessed, players all play in the same world. The game can be played through the Sacred Seasons website, Facebook and Kongregate. This seems to be the current state of technology and the MMO MilMo is also served through Facebook and developer Junebud’s own website. Player accounts are bound to portals due to contractual services provided by the different portals.

Emerald City Games was proud to report MAU in the millions on Kongregate and future plans to introduce crafting, pets and the improvement of guild functions in the game. With a strong partnership with 6waves, we can expect Sacred Seasons 2 to grow on Facebook as it gets publicized through the network. This growth can be tracked by interested readers on our data tracking service, Appdata.

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