Safari Dominates Web Browsing on Mobile Devices

Apple’s iOS browser Safari accounted for 61.79 percent of mobile web browsing in March, according to new metrics from

This is up from 55.41 percent in February, showing a rebound for Safari. CNET has more: “After rising steadily in past years, Safari’s share has tread water over the past year or so. Its 61.79 percent share last month is just slightly higher than the 60.5 percent seen in March of 2012.”

Safari is followed by the Android browser which accounted for 21.86 percent of mobile web browsing traffic in March, according to the report. The report also revealed that Opera Mini was used for 8.4 percent of mobile web browsing traffic, Chrome took 2.43 percent, Microsoft Internet Explorer owned 1.99 percent, BlackBerry had.91 percent of mobile web browsing and Symbian accounted for .54 percent of all web browsing.