Saks Fifth Avenue Launched a Holiday Gift Guide Chatbot on Messenger

Users can browse recommended items from the retailer's website

Users can answer questions about the person they're shopping for to see recommended gifts Saks/Facebook

Luxury department store chain Saks Fifth Avenue partnered with chatbot company Headliner Labs to launch a Holiday Gift Guide chatbot on Facebook Messenger for the second year in a row.

Users can begin chatting with the chatbot by either visiting the Saks Fifth Avenue Facebook page and clicking the “Send a Message” button, or by searching for Saks Fifth Avenue within the Messenger application.

From there, users can take a quiz to see recommended gifts “For Him,” “For Her” or “For Kids.” The chatbot will ask users questions about the person they’re shopping for and, based on their answers, it will suggest gifts that can be purchased on the Saks Fifth Avenue website.

For instance, when shopping “For Him,” the chatbot may ask about the recipient’s favorite drink and clothing style. When shopping for a child (users can choose the gender), the chatbot will ask for the child’s age window and personality type.

The chatbot was designed to track conversions and clicks over time, and it will adjust the gift suggestions it presents to users based on the items users have purchased or browsed.